Elephant in the room
Curated by Georg Georgakopoulos
Back to Athens 8, International Arts Festival

It’s so big that you can’t ignore it. This is definitely a very important, a very large issue or controversial matter that everyone or almost everyone is aware of, yet for obvious reasons, avoids it. No one mentions or discusses it because they find it to be uncomfortable, awkward, annoying, or even a taboo. It is that which, due to its size and our reluctance to deal with it, will not simply disappear on its own. The exhibition “Elephant in the Room” is a reminder that contemporary societies need art, yet at the same time bluntly ignoring it, chooses to focus on crafts and decorative trinkets. This pretentious behavior as one defines himself as a self-proclaimed expert, an authority on matters, whether that be a doctor, an archaeologist, a parapsychologist or coach, and at times, an artist, devalues the importance of scientific or artistic work. Art has an enormous impact in the course of shaping societies. 10 Artists attempt the impossible! They bring the elephant into the Room. Ten large-scale installations and sculptures occupy the entire space. It is difficult to ignore them, they are in front of you and around you, can you face them?

My father’s-in-law green house

Galvanized steel

Dimensions Variable