Mykonos Biennale
Open Air Video Festival
Curated by Lydia Venieri

The Mykonos Biennale is a cult event which brings together artists from all over the world to create something new, to break the borders of their own art, using the telluric energy and hermetic beauty of this cosmopolitan island. Returning to the essence of the island: Sexy, hippy, historic nudist-naturalists, paganistic and mythic is the Mykonos Biennale Destination. The international multicultural events will interact with the local memories, traditions and historical spaces creating a unique experimental event. The art exhibitions, the installations, and performances of the artists, the musicians and dance group will spread throughout the monasteries, the museums, the old houses, the ancient island of Delos, the windmills and other monumental buildings, like a treasure map of the old island. The heart of the festival is the Cine Mando which will host the first open air video film festival.


King Kong

HD Video


Bergen, Norway