A group exhibition at the ACG Gallery / DEREE_The American College of Greece, Athens. Organised by the department of Visual Arts and Art History

Curated by Sotirios Bahtsetzis


The exhibition SelfConscious features the works of artists who explore how technological media have become a significant part of our social and psychological lives. Advertising media, Broadcast media, Digital media, Electronic media, Hypermedia, Mass media, Multimedia, New media, Social media … the catalogue is long and prolific. However divergent they might be, they all have something in common: they influence not only what we do, they also shape our thinking and feeling. In this post-human era of vast digital archives, and technologies of interactive networking and communication, consciousness, affect and even identity have to be thought in a new way. Artists presented in the exhibition SelfConscious explore, in divergent paths and various media including painting, sculpture, photography, digital imaging, video, installation and performance, in what way our novel audio-visual technoculture constructs sociability, memory and even desire.


Participating Artists: Bill Balaskas Dionysis Christophilogiannis Christos Delidimos George Drivas Giorgos Gyparakis Effie Halivopoulou in collaboration with Tim Ward Elias Kafouros Georgia Kotretsos Maria Kriara James Lane Jenny Marketou Panos Mattheou Caroline May Jennifer Nelson in collaboration with Theodoros Papatheodorou Eftihis Patsourakis Vassiliea Stylianidou Thodoris Zafeiropoulos